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About Us

Coburn & Company possesses a well-known reputation for its quality work and service excellence. We are proud of our long standing relationship with many contractors and builders, as well as executive homeowners.

Our Commitment
Coburn & Company is committed to excellence, quality, and delivering the highest value-to-dollar to you, our clients. We are a team of people with high moral character, a client-centric attitude for success, responsive to the needs of our clients, and a commitment to excellence. These qualities enable us to fulfill this commitment for each client and project.

Our Consistency
Consistency is a result of our commitment, and our people make the difference. Their expertise in their craft, enthusiasm towards the client and pride in what they do allows Coburn & Company to consistently deliver the absolute highest quality work.  This consistency is delivered from our first day on the job throughout the project; from client to client and project to project.

Our Credibility
Credibility and an impeccable reputation are not given, they are earned through hard work and commitment to delivering excellence for the client that is consistent from client to client and project to project.  Since 1990, our commitment and consistency has earned a level of credibility unmatched by other paint contractors and a reputation as the premiere paint contractor in the Austin area.